Iles Lofoten's cattery is a small hobby cattery. We are living in the North of France, near by the belgian frontier, about 17 km far from Lille, 230 km far from Paris and 100 km far from Brussels. Hameau du Quennaumont is a quiet and very green place.

   The cattery was born in 2003, because of our huge love of cats and when we decided to quench our thirst of this fantastic breed : Norwegian Forest Cat or Skogkatt (Association Internationale de Défense du Skogkatt or Club du Chat des Forêts Norvégiennes). A wild look which we love so much : half a cat, half a lynx, and a wonderful temper were sufficient reasons to charm us !

   Our cats live as members of the family in a big house. They are allowed to go in all the rooms, on every armchair and bed... As you can understand, we are living in "our cats'home" !

   They are not permitted to go free outside. They may take fresh air in a 140 sqm cat run, which is totally securized and which includes our terrace. Here too, we are in "our cats'garden" !

   In 1988, we went to Lofoten Isles (page under construction) : these wonderful islands are located in Northwest of Norway. We were so impressed that we decided to come back later. In 1992, we spent 8 days there et since, when we remind Norway, we have thought to Lofoten Isles. That's why we naturally decided to associate our cattery with this place of paradise.