Portée 23    (Litter 23)  née le  28 avril 2015  (born on April 28th 2015)

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 Good Golly Miss Molly des Iles Lofoten*F  et  Imperium de la Tour d'Eden*F

I'm very pleased to present you Laamala Mikko des Iles Lofoten. But let me explain why this name !

In 1988, my husband, our daughter and me, went around Scandinavia during 6 weeks. In Finland, we met, in a campsite in Parikkala (near the soviet frontier) Mikko Pettinen. He was a retired teacher and France was his great passion. He was learning the language and was speaking very well with much vocabulary. We exchanged our addresses and Mikko visited us twice in our home in France (he liked to visit our country by train). Then, in 1992, we went around Scandinavia again and we, of course, visited our Finnish friend. He lent us a house (a typical one with its sauna) in the forest, near a river and a lake (where we fished pike !) The house was in a place named "Laamala", we spent there wonderful time like in a paradise place, walking in the forest, meeting reindeers, picking blueberries and making pies, going in the sauna and in the river to refresh our bodies every day. Really, a paradise place that we'll never forget. 

Later, we continued to correspond with Mikko, he visited us in France again. In 2000, when we arrived in our new house, we sent the address to him but he did not reply. We wrote again some months later but nothing.

Since 2000, I have tried several times to find some informations about him with Google, I knew that once, I would find.

In last March, I tried again with "Laamala" and "Pettinen". I did not find him but I found the name of a lady : "Eeva Tammiluoma (os Pettinen)". It was a link to a Facebook page that I visited and guess what I saw on this page ??? : the photo of the house in Laamala where we spent several days in 1992 !!!!!!! On this photo, we can see Mikko and his brother Mauri. Oh my God !!!
I wrote to this lady who replied kindly to me émoticône smile . She is Mikko's niece ! "os Pettinen" means her maiden name. And some weeks ago, she showed the picture of the house in Laamala because it was the house of her grandmother when Eeva was a child. Isn't it incredible that this picture was on her Facebook page ?

Unfortunately, we were very sad to learn that Mikko died in 2000 émoticône frown That's why we did not have any reply to our letters.

THANK YOU so much Eeva Tammiluoma to have replied to my message and for the informations. I wish we stay in touch émoticône heart

In 2003, when I started to breed Norwegian Forest Cats, I decided that, if I still breed in 2016, one of my kitten will be named "Mikko" in memory of our dear Finnish friend (2016 will be the year of letter "M" in France for cats and dogs).

I'm not young, I know that I'll stop to breed soon and I don't know if I'll have kittens in 2016.
In 2015, the letter is "L". I decided to give names beginning with "Laamala" followed by the names of Mikko's family members. 

That's why our kitten was called Laamala Mikko (officially, on his pedigree) but we used to call him Mikko.



The house in Laamala where we spent several days in 1992.


Claire, Gisèle, Mikko and his son (in 1992)


Mikko, Claire and Yvon (in 1992)



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