Born on April 12th 2003
Brown Tortie Mackerel Tabby & White
f 09 23
Breeder : NoŽlle Genois
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    A long bone structure on high legs, a long and very bushy tail, a wonderful coat with warm colours and a wegie look as we love it so much : half a cat and half a lynx, so is our Ulane.

    She has big ears with very long lynx tufts , following the lines of the triangular head, an perfectly straight profile with a lovely rounded forehead, a good chin and very expressive and unresistible almond-shaped eyes !


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1 year & 10 months

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   We generally go to FIFe shows (Holland and France at the moment), but we go to other shows too in France (LOOF), Belgium and Germany.


On 15 show days :

15    Excellent 1
    7    Best in Variety
    9    Nominations to Best in Show
    3    Best in Show
    2    Best of Best
  Special norweger - Best NFO in Gouvieux (France)
    - 2nd adult female NFO in Ch‚teau-Thierry (France)
  Ulane is  FIFe and LOOF Champion and has got a FIFe CACIB.

   Ulane is our first norwegien forest cat. Among our three cats, she creates a good atmosphere and she pushes them around. I've forgotten to tell you : she is rather rascal ! Especially during the night, when we are asleep and when she comes and verify, purring and cooing, if we really are under the duvet !

    We remain on very special relations with Ulane because of her wonderful norwegian cat temper. She is very very talkative and we adooooooore it ! She talks with cooings (a norwegian forest cat feature) and she comments al what she does, all what she sees, all what we talk to her ! She comments even when she is asleep ! And to my great delight, I'm always talking to her ! She loves interrogative talking : "How are you Lulu ?" "Roooooo !" "Are hungry Honey ?" "Roooooo !" "Do you come with me ?" "Roooooo ! " "What's new ?" "Roooooo !" "Do you love me Lulu ?" "Roooooo !" She cooes even when you don't chat with her : she chats alone !

    She is an adorable princess who loves kisses which she receives very patiently and she makes a conquest of everybody who comes at home. She is very good-tempered, she has a golden temper ! A real purring box and a real and you just cann't get rid of her ! She follows us every in the house and she cuddles up to us as soon as possible. She appreciate so much to fall asleep on my  laps as soon as I'm in front of my computer, and first she looks me in the eyes very intensely : she absolutely adorable, and her eyes, her eyes ! .... You don't know her eyes ? .... They are irresistible ! Never mind if I repeat myself ! 

    We take our Lulu la Tendresse (Lulu Tenderness ?) everywhere with us. Unlike Siggy and Maya who can't stand the car, Ulane is delighted ! As soon as she sees her kennel, she rushes in it and she settles down : "Great ! Let's go !". When travelling, she does say a single word, er ! a single purring of protest. She stretches out full length, she eats, she drinks and she enjoys the trip. When we have a break, she half-opens her eyes : "Have we arrived? We haven't ? Fine, I drop off to sleep again". She loves to be in hotels : "It's so small compared to the house, and I'm with Dad and Mum, so all is OK !". When we are in relatives or friends'home, it's better because our princess loves making people admire her ("oh ! a little lynx !") : she shows her panache tail, and what a panache ! 

    Her weakness ? Shrimps ! Ulane never comes to disturb us when we are eating, but when there a shrimps on the table, she climbs on a chair to pick up the lovely smell coming from the shrimps ! How could we resist to her ?

    We'll never thank NoŽlle and Michel enough for having left this little wonder to us !    





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