born on April 30th  2005
Black Smoke Tortie and White
fs 09
Breeder :  Marie-Pierre François


     With a long body and her high legs, she is a very beautiful lady-cat ! She is huge as her mother Vivian Leigh de Laïloken.

     One is always surprised by her "heavy" weight when she is raised ! Her long and straight profile with a slightly round forehead, her large, broad and very well set ears (with long lynx tips) and her long and bushy tail complete her wild look.

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     We are fond of her colours (decorated with a very pretty "smoke" ) and her charming expression. She is able to spend many long minutes to look at us with half-closed eyes, with an expression of bliss and tendreness which moves us. She is an angel and I'm very attached to her.


We hope very beautiful and heavy kittens from this young lady with such a tender heart. She should be a wonderful mom : her attitude at the time of our small Witney's arrival was as she had found her own kitten again !
We warmly thank Marie-Pierre François to have let us this so affectionate and so promising girl. We are so happy !



Audrey, 12 weeks old


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