6 kittens were born on June 18th 2011 after  :


Blĺsippa des Iles Lofoten*F

 NFO f 03 22

Normal GSD-IV , HCM and PKD tests


SC DVM Piero Pelů Blue Tanis*CH

NFO n 09

Normal GSD IV , HCM and PKD tests



 Go Jimmy Go M  Black & White                               n 09          Sold to Deborah Sankowicz        (France)  
 Good Timin M  Brown Blotched Tabby & White    n 0922       Sold to  A*Proendlang's cattery  (Austria)  
                                                                co-owned with  AT*Elverum's cattery    (Austria)
 Goldfinger M  Red Blotched Tabby & White       d 0922       Sold to  Sonia Bertaux                (France)
 Get Back M  Red & White                                 d 09           Sold to  Aurélie Griffond             (France)
 Good Golly Miss Golly F  Brown Blotched Tabby & White    n 0322              Chatterie des Iles Lofoten   (France)
 Gotta Lotta Love F  Brown Blotched Tabby & White    n 0922       Sold to   Julie Defourneaux        (France)     










5 7 8 10 11 13 14 16 17 5,5 mois 6,5 mois 7 mois

Many thanks Marie-Pierre !


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   Pedigree of the kittens
Feel free to ask about the kittens but we will not decide anything before the kittens are 8-9 weeks old.
On hold = Someone is interested in this kitten but nothing is decided. The kitten can be available again.

= Booking fee have been payed, the kitten is no more available.
= The kitten is now in his new family.