Spring 2015 
Kittens are expected at the end of April !
  Good Golly Miss Molly des Iles Lofoten*F   Imperium de la Tour d'Eden*F
NFO n 0322   NFO es 0922
HCM normal (Sept. 2012 and Oct. 2014)    HCM normal (March 2015)

PKD, PK-Def and GSD4 : negative


PKD, PK-Def and GSD4 : negative

                    Pedigree of the litter : Imperium's pedigree is not on Pawpeds. It should be soon.
Pedigree of Miss Molly  and  Pedigree of Imperium
Many thanks Martine ! Thank you to you too Muriel !


Summer 2015

We'll tell the name of the male when Fiona is pregnant. 
Fiona Apple des Iles Lofoten*F    
NFO n 0923   NFO a 0323 
HCM normal (February 2013)    

PKD, PK-Def et GSD4 : negative

Pedigree of the litter