Our kitties are allowed to go into a 140 sqm cat run, which includes our own terrasse and open from the kitchen door.

    The cat run is mainly built with treated wood panels : on the neighbouring fence, the panels are full. The other panels are made with treillis fencing + wire netting. Yvon has put a second rank of posts 1 metre far from the fence and has made the horizontal wire netting larger. This horizontal netting is 1m35 deep and the "ceiling" height is 2m00.

The cat run can be completely dismantled :
  • the panels are hold to the posts with small corner plates and can be dismantled for maintenance and in case of moving too (new owners would not be especially fond of cat runs !)

  • the wire netting is hold on small dismantable panels, or on the large panels with ??? sorry, don't know the right name. Here is a photo   [photo de quelques cavaliers] : if you know the english name, please, send me an e-mail ! - the posts are hold in metal stands which are driven in the ground. So they would be easy to be taken off as there is no concrete.

    Yvon has built a little house (which is dismantable too and which is not hold on any fondation) to shelter the cat food and the litter box. There a several shelves inside. The fašade is made with 3 doors, to make the cleaning easier. The kitties are in the cat run only when we are at home, and never during the night. So it was not necessary to built a larger house.

Photos are clikable   

the cat run seen from outside : the panels enclose our cherry tree and the fence is 2m40 high. A horizontal wire netting 45 cm deep, prevents the cats to go outside.


the cherry tree place, seen from inside. Yvon has build triangular panels with wood and wire netting and he has hold them on the trunk, on the other panels and on the posts, with small corner plates. So the panels can be taken off when we need to cut the branches or when we need to maintain the fence. Shelves are planned on the trunk, to allow the cats to go higher without danger.

the small house is laying on a "private" cat terrace ! and there is a small table and two chairs so that we can drink a coffee among our cats. As the house is in the corner of the cat run, there is a wire netting ceiling to prevent from any escape!

an overview of the horizontal fence (the photo was take before the building of the cats' house and of their terrace).

the kitties are very fond of this part of cat run : a high shelf allows them to overview the neighbour's garden and all the surrounding pastures (sheep, mares and foals, cows, hens and certainly cats !) and the rest of our garden too, where there are not still permitted to go. But it is planned ! The equipements are waiting ! Still a lot of hours and days of work for Yvon !