Kittens 2014
4 kittens were born on September 11th 2014 Take a look on the kittens
Fiona Apple des Iles Lofoten*F   Feragen des Iles Lofoten*F
NFO n 0923   NFO a 03
HCM normal (February  2013)   HCM normal (August 2013)
PKD, PK-Def and GSD4 negative  

PKD, PK-Def and GSD4 negative



Pedigree of the litter

Our sale conditions :


Our cattery is signatory of the breeding charter of the Association Internationale de Défense du Skogkatt (french club related to the NFO)


All our kittens are leaving home this way :

  • aged 3 months or more

  • with all vaccinations, panleucopenia, catflu, leucosis, rabies

  • dewormed each week until they leave home

  • neutered when they leave as pet

  • with a chip

  • with a European Passeport

  • with LOOF pedigree (official french pedigree)

  • with a saling contract  

  • with a copy of  HCM, PKD, PK-Def and GSD-IV tests of their parents

  The health of the parents :  


All of them are normal HCM tested and negative PKD, PK-Def  and GSD-IV tested.